National Sisterhood

Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded by eight young women on April 20, 1898 at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia. We are known for being apart of the “Farmville Four,”  one of four sororities founded at Longwood College.

Our national headquarters is located in Woodstock, Virgnia at the Mabel Lee Walton House.

Photo taken by Michelle Niewald at the Labyrinth Leadership Experience in June 2012.

Our Chapter, Eta Alpha, strives to always uphold our national and local policies of Sigma Sigma Sigma as well as to always Stephens’ Ten Ideals.

Tri Sigma greatly values service for children, which is why the Robbie Page Memorial Fund is our chosen philanthropy organization. In 1992 the Sigma Sigma Sigma Educational Foundation and the Robbie Page Memorial Fund combined to form the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation which provided the opportunity for members to give tax deductible gifts to fund play therapy programs throughout the country, award scholarships to deserving members, and support leadership training and education programs of the national Tri Sigma Organization.

Our sorority stresses to every member that we are sisters for a lifetime.  The commitment that we make to each other doesn’t just last during our college years. We are Sigmas faithful unto death.


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