Welcome home!

This past week marked Formal Fall Recruitment here at Stephens. Our theme this year, under the direction of MRD Stephanie LaFontaine, was “Anchor to Tradition,” a sort of nautical theme!

Night One in our Revelry Dresses

Night Two-Skit Night

Night Three-Pref Night in our little black dresses

Even though it was a little bit (okay, really) stressful preparing and trying to the suite done in time, we pulled together as sisters and filled all of our empty spots in one recruitment! Saturday morning, we welcomed 14 new sisters and celebrated with Brittany Curran, an alumna. We can’t wait to pass on our legacy to these amazing new girls!

Greeting our new members in the quad for the first time 🙂

Our new members practicing their “sailboats” on Brittany’s dock

All of us together 🙂

“From the outside in, you can never understand it. From the inside out, you can never describe it.” 

Thank you for reading!

With Sisterly Love,

The Eta Alpha Chapter


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