Extreme Makeover: Tri Sigma Edition

As our current chapter and maybe current alumnae know, our Roblee suite has been looking a bit sad lately. A few of us were sprucing things up a bit before school started and before we knew what happened….well, this happened:

Our new color for the suite-Truly Plum

Layne Wallace, junior FMM major, painting the baseboard

But we definitely couldn’t just leave the walls as is. We figured we should go all out and redo the floor as well!

Our new hardwood laminate installed courtesy of Rodney and Stephens College Facilities!

A big thank you to Stephens College facilities for working so hard to get our flooring in before Recruitment next week!

More photos to come after we repaint the crest, hang the composites and redecorate. Thanks for reading.

With sisterly love,

The Eta Alpha Chapter


2 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover: Tri Sigma Edition

  1. The suite looks great, ladies! A vast improvement over when I was there 10 years ago! Keep up the awesome work!

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